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The most popular cat & kitten names of 2023

There’s no better feeling than bringing home a new feline member of the family. As Wesley Bates said, “There's no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat.”

After getting your cat or kitten their new collar and tag, their litter and new comfy bed (and of course stocking up on all those kitty treatos!), the next most important thing is finding the perfect name to match their unique personality.

Whether you go for a cute or cool cat name to fit their feline personality, or a unique cat name to set them apart from the crowd, we've got you covered. We’ve rounded up the most popular and adorable cat names of 2023 sourced from our Kissamo pet tag customers and found the new trends in pet names. Curl up and happy scrollin'!

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Top Male Cat Names of 2023

  1. Oliver

  2. Bowie

  3. Loki

  4. Leo

  5. Ollie

  6. Tiger

  7. Jasper

  8. Blu

  9. Gizmo

  10. Gus

Top Female Cat Names of 2023

  1. Luna

  2. Ivy

  3. Nala

  4. Piper

  5. Nala

  6. Coco

  7. Lily

  8. Willow

  9. Cloe

  10. Lulu

Other unique cat names

  1. Bowie

  2. Simba

  3. Ziggy

  4. Pixel

  5. Smuge

  6. Poe

  7. Winter

  8. Jigsaw

  9. Smokey

  10. Skittles

Top food-inspired cat names

  1. Pepper

  2. Pumpkin

  3. Peach

  4. Mango

  5. Sushi

  6. Miso

  7. Dumpling

  8. Marshmallow

  9. Taco

  10. Oreo

Top funny cat names

  1. Doja Cat

  2. Copycat

  3. Octopussy

  4. Cat Stark

  5. Rambo

  6. Pu Paw

  7. Spike

  8. Pawdmé

  9. Catti B

  10. The Batman