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What to put on a pet tag?

When you add a pet to your family, it’s like adding another child. You have to plan ahead and anticipate the possibility of something going wrong. According to the American Humane Association, about one third of pets will go missing at some point in their lives. That’s why it is essential your pet has a dog tag or cat tag at all times.

The risk of losing your pet increases when you leave the house, go camping or head off on vacation. They can run away from home, escape the backyard, or somehow manage to slip their collar. Even velcro pets can be startled and run off unexpectedly. Pet tags are one of the smallest and most useful accessories they’ll ever have. If your pet gets lost, a tag will make it easier for people to identify them as a missing pet and reunite you with your beloved four-legged family.

Heart-shaped pet tag on fluffy dog

PHOTO CREDIT: @daisy.havapoo. Personalized heart dog tag available at Kissamo

What to write on a pet tag?

While there are many different things to engrave on a pet tag, the most important information on the pet tag is a contact telephone number. In fact, it may be a legal requirement in your area that all dogs and cats wear their pet ID tags.

There is debate as to whether one should put the pet’s name. On one side it helps identify a missing pet, but in other situations it may aid potential thefts. Whichever you feel is the best, a telephone number is essential. Email addresses are also common though emails are not checked as often, are dependent on reliable wifi, and can always be sent to spam. One or two telephone numbers is usually the easiest and quickest identifier that will help someone find you if your pet is lost.

Here are some things you can include on their tag:

  • Name (optional)

  • Telephone Number

  • City

  • Microchipped

  • Medical Needs

Optional messages such as “Indoor Cat” or “Help, I’m Lost” can also be engraved. However, it is never a good idea to include a “Reward if Found” message as this may actually encourage theft.

Where to attach a pet tag?

You can attach the pet tag to your pet’s collar or harness. For puppies still in their chewy-phase, the back of a harness is especially useful as they often try to nibble their puppy tags.


It’s easy to overlook the importance of pet tags but they are an essential part of pet safety. If your pet is ever lost, having a tag can make the difference whether and how quickly they are reunited with their family. Make sure your pets wear their ID tags at all times to ensure your pet is never lost without a way to get home.


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